Working together to bridge the gap between governments capacities and the needs of people. These are neighborhood based, block by block communities banding together, to form a civilian climate army, ready to help neighbors prepare for storms, Repair damages caused by the ongoing impacts of climate collapse and to provide mutual aid to one another, building bridges to tomorrow, where none currently exists

PREPARATION– With continually increasing impacts caused by weather related events, it is essential that each home, each street, each block, each community is prepared to weather these ongoing storms.

CIVIC ENGAGEMENT- We will engage our leaders, to ensure collaboration that leads to meeting everyone’s needs.

MUTUAL AID– Provide for one another, that which the government. fails to provide in this time of climate collapse. We have some of what we need, some of us have more and some of us have less. together we weave a safety net for all, even those with the most. When people basic needs for food and water, and other necessary goods and services the love brigades will be there to organize the community stone soup style to do collectively what no individual can do alone.

RESILIENCY/REPAIR/REGENERATION– We now face a new set of realities posed by climate collapse, the resulting poly crisis requires. sound mind, body, and spirit. and this can only be sustained in community and most of all it requires a continuous renewal rooted in healing, caring, and holding the whole person and community. We also must care for our neighborhoods and communities re-weaving back the fabric of societies care and bonds. this is done be being there to help others recover, make needs repairs and increase resiliency thru regeneration.

The rest is for us to dream into reality together!