Families4aFuture is building a youth-led, family centered, intergenerational Lovelution in California to address climate chaos with love, hope, and Courage. Using various forms of cultural resistance/production & healing justice including dance, music, meditation, visual arts and performance arts, we hope to inspire with courageous love – the creative disruption necessary to break us free of the status quo and the constant march towards complacency.

We are all volunteers, we are 99% womyn of Color and 1 white boy. We are LA natives, We are community and youth organizers, we are healers and dancers and artists. From all parts of the city. We are you and you are us! Just ask if you want to know….

At this time we must build a bridge to have a tomorrow. We must come together as one human family. We need lots and lots of Love, Courage, and Hope!  We need you, me and everyone in between.G
Is native to El Salvador, and have lived in Los Angeles for the past 30 years. I have been working with families and young people for over 20 years both in Los Angeles and in the Mexican border of Tijuana 20 year youth/community organizer in ELA, currently works for youth organizing group for over 5 year has over 30 years experience fighting for social justice in coalition and collaboration with other social justice warriors and through her community, labor, and political organizing work. She has a bachelors degree in History from Cal State LA.

5 year plus youth organizer in the Vietnamese community in OC. Currently works for Vietnamese community group as a community/youth organizer for past 5 years.

10 years plus as a Occupational Therapist for children and healer, She is a hoop dancer and has volunteered in the past 5 years to organize the underground dance community in LA.
33 year plus Youth/community organizer, racial justice healer, social worker, white anti racist community organizer, and has volunteered for past 10 years to organize the underground dance community in LA.We have to preserve our anonymity because in this day and age it is not always smart to put every detail out there. Anyone wishing to know more may always ask.