Summer 2023 Update

What a difference a year makes. 30 atmospheric rivers in 3 months, 150 miles of farmland in the Central Valley is flooded with no end in site. For the past 6 months. the world has received a lot of disappointing news on the climate chaos front. Currently the world only has 3% drinkable water which is mostly in glaciers. There is only .01% of the worlds fresh water is available for human use in lakes, rivers, and reservoirs. Around the planet catastrophic weather and fires are only adding further to the chaotic world we now The clear evidence indicates we are witnessing the ending of the two planets major systems for cooling and regulating weather- the gulf and Jet streams are in collapse. The worlds governments, along with are own local governments are doing too little too late. Addressing these challenges requires us all to come together to create new and transformational approaches rooted in hope, love, and courage!