Families4aFuture is building an intergenerational, family centered, youth-led Lovelution movement to face the climate catastrophe with love, courage, and hope. We need to tell the story of our times. Our story is how we build a bridge to tomorrow by building the community & culture for 1 planet, 1 people, 1 purpose – in right relations! 


The youth are the only ones who can lead us at this time of climate chaos. We all must work everyday to give the young people the tools and resources to lead.

Who are we? Go to the About Us page to find out!

Where Love, Hope, and Courage lead us!

Our tools are cultural resistance and production by using our culture to build a bridge to tomorrow. We focus on healing justice which includes dance, music, meditation, visual arts and performance arts. We hope to inspire with courageous love the creative disruption necessary to break us free of the status quo and the constant march towards complacency.



Had our first radio interview at our core leader retreat in Dec. The Keya from Extinction Rebellion Youth LA interviewed 3 of our youth leaders about becoming climate warriors.


We have a new HOME in Downtown Los Angeles. Come by see this amazing cultural and arts space where we will grow a garden of love, hope and courage. And, we have a beautiful new mural painted by members of Extinction Rebellion. We thank them for their placing their mural in HOME.


Last year, Max Gomberg publicly resigned from the State Water Resources Control Board in protest. Join Families for a Future for an in-person conversation between Max and climate youth leaders, where we’ll discuss what’s really going on with the state water crisis and what we can do about it.


The Water Crisis: A Drought of Justice

Saturday April 29, 1-3 pm

HOME Warehouse: 1617 S. Hope Street, LA CA 90015

Youth and families welcome. Refreshments provided.

Co-sponsored by: Extinction Rebellion Youth Los Angeles

For questions, contact Vy – vyn2009@gmail.com

Families for a Future is an intergenerational volunteer group facing the climate crisis with love, hope and courage.


Seedlings – Our new youth climate ambassadors are going to build up there neighborhoods. West LA, Eastern LA and Orange County. We are going to plant the seeds of Love, Hope, and Courage far and wide.


PREPARE Our homes, communities and society for climate kaos.

TRANSITION Displaced workers and those who are forced to move to live.

ACCESS Food, water, & housing for everyone on the planet.

We need to tell the story of our time. Our story is how we build a bridge to tomorrow by building the community & culture for 1 world, 1 people, 1 planet – in right relations! 


The Organic Stone Soup organizing model and culture jamming came from the work of the Dancing Army serving the dance community in Los Angeles during the Covid pandemic. This zine captures the courageous life saving activities that FFF is now built on.

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Talking Circle and Support Group

A support group to face the current realities of the climate crisis with Courage, Love, and Hope and share with one another strategies for coping and increasing resilience as well as providing a path to action.

We hope you see something here that resonates and inspires you. Please sign up to join one or all of these efforts and be a part of building a better tomorrow today.

Let's Wake Up LA!

Still Time To Act!




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